Some of my projects will be listed here - Everything from Ideas to finished programs!
Anything being here doesn't mean that I work on it daily. In most cases it just means that I work on it occasionally when I feel like it.
Also, I plan on changing the layout on this page... soon™
Fairy Art Online
Placeholder name!
I have a great idea for a game, but not the required skills to make it as good as I want - And since I REALLY want this to work out, I don't want to make it awful!
I currently mainly code in C#, which isn't the best performance wise and will might be a hindrance - C++ is the plan... in the future.

I'll create the overall framework/Game in C#, then in the future when I'm skilled enough, make it happen properly in c++.

I prefer learning, so I don't plan on using an engine like Unity or UnrealEngine... I'll create my own.
Current Progress is OK. SharpDX (C# DirectX Wrapper) for graphics, BepuPhysics for the... physics.
Also been doing some Frustum Culling and Occlusin Culling for performance - I need better 'hitboxes' for the culling though!

DirectX Game Picture
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The antialiasing isn't too good yet, but the graphical fidelity can wait for later :)
Planning to make some classic Mario Levels (Simpel Design, Simpel AI, Simpel win condition) first to test out the engine. Soon™
Some Chat
Probably a temporary name... maybe.
Planning to make this somewhat like Skype, but adding in the lost functionality of the good old MSN Messenger with games, custom emotes and more, while removing a lot of the bullshit that skype brings. No stupid ads, tracking, extremely slow filetransfers, random bans etc.

And ofcourse... Adding in the 'delicious cancer' also known as TwitchChat (Adding twitchchat emotes (And chat integration if possible)) - Hence the placeholder name :)
ADO.NET SQL Framework
Most certainly not the final name :)

I have a 1.000.000$ idea with this one, but I don't plan on focusing on it untill I'm done with the education.
Essentially, Pure SQL method calls directly with no layer ontop, without the hassle of spending days creating it.

Overall: The reduced coding time from EntityFramework, but with the flexibility and performance of pure ADO.NET

I've done some smaller things to get a feel for it, but I believe in the idea, and I don't wanna bork it - I'll wait till I'm a better programmer :)

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