Path of Exile builds that I've come up with will be here! Mainly to make it have an organized place for them, making it easier to find the ones I want.
Someone else might've made the builds before me. Hell, it's extremely unlikely that any build anyone creates is the first of their kind. However, I most certainly made these myself! I like theorycrafting, and for that reason I avoid looking up builds on the internet. I like figuring stuff out myself.
Scion Summoner
A Build focused on summoning NPCs and auras.

0-38 Points | NORMAL | Minions & Health
39-91 Points | CRUEL|MERCI | Minions & MOARH HEALTH
92+ Points | MAPPING | Auras (NorthWest, Mid, maybe NorthEast), OR totems? Nah


A Build focused on summoning NPCs and auras.

Path of Exile has extremely bad netcoding. They did it this way cause they were a small company back then, and probably couldn't afford the bandwidth of sending everything too often.
This build lets your NPCs handle fighting on the server, meaning that you'll only rarely notice the desync!

0-39 Points | Minions & Health
40-78 Points | Minions & Survival
79-90 Points | Finishing Minions, More healths
91-117 Points | Full Aura

Use remaining points on Health or Curses (Get the 2x curses!) - Enfeeble and/or Vulnerability
Some Build
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